Nicholas LoVerde

English Teacher – Vietnam

After teaching children for many years, I moved my English teaching to adults, and I loved it. I focused on preparing them for the IELTS test and because I’m a native speaker my classes were all focused on harnessing their pronunciation and verbal skills.

I believe a good barometer for any teacher is how his students perform and I’m proud to say that all my students in the advanced class received a 7 or 8 on their IELTS score.

Although I tailored my lesson plans around the IELTS, I still worked to make sure my students were well-rounded and truly made progress in making English a second language. While the IELTS score is very important, I also wanted to make them ready for some common situations they might have in English speaking countries.

In addition to classes, I also wrote and starred in many videos that were for exclusive use of our students and allowed them to study we went over in class. The videos focused on various tips for taking the IELTS and were a great supplement to their classroom work.

Skills Developed

IELTS Testing

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