Nicholas LoVerde

Solar Energy Consultant – Let It Shine Solar

A friend and I decided that we wanted to start in solar energy and the best way would be to create our own solar sales company. We were taking a big chance because we knew almost nothing about solar energy. But we made it work.

I began taking online classes through Solar Energy International learning the basics of solar energy. We then found a solar company that was looking for additional sales that could install all the systems that we sell. We found a company and now just needed to create leads.

There is something both incredibly exciting and nerve wracking about going to a home show and not quite knowing as much as I should have. It was learning quickly and on my feet. It was finessing my way through complex technical answers. It was instilling confidence in potential customers even though I wasn’t always confident.

With our home shows leads, we went to work and were able to close about 20% of our sales calls.

After lots of learning, I eventually went to work for another solar company after my friend moved to another state for family reasons. Although our company was not a stunning success, I really took a lot out of it and it instilled for me a deeper understanding and passion for the solar industry.

Skills Developed

Solar Energy Basics

Sales Experience

Learning on my Feet


"After spending $2500 for a company to develop our website, we were underwhelmed by the end result. That's when Nick took it upon himself to redo the entire website, add interactive quizzes, create videos, and more. He did a way better job than I ever imagined." David Nimock, Co-Founder Let It Shine Solar