Nicholas LoVerde

Server – Texas Roadhouse

While in college and off and on from my various travels, I had the pleasure to work at the Texas Roadhouse.

It’s here that I learned all my standards of customer service. Being conscious of all aspects of communication to our guests including the volume and tone of voice, eye contact, posture, smiling. Being genuine in how you act and treat people. Understanding the importance of knowing what you’re selling (ie all the aspects and work that go into the food you serve). Developing the necessary flexibility to work in a position that lends itself to a constantly fluxing schedule and ever changing duties. Making the attention to detail a constant habit.

And perhaps most importantly is the goal to exceed people’s expectations. To get things before they’re asked for, to anticipate various needs, and make someone’s experience better because of you.

I was also fortunate enough to work for a great organization full of exceptional people, which makes any job that much better.

Skills Developed

Great Communication Skills

Quick Pace Environment

Food and Wine Knowledge


"‘Ridiculously efficient’ is how I would best describe Nick. Everything he did was oriented towards getting things done as quickly and correctly as possible. A lot of people would come in, do the job, and leave. He was always going the extra mile from arriving early to help set up to staying late if we were short staffed. He was incredibly hardworking always helping with running side work and running food. He was also just plain fun to work with. He got along with everyone. And his peanut juggling skills are still sorely missed. Anyone would be lucky to have Nick as employee and I can’t imagine there’s anything he can’t do. Even when things got hectic during peak business hours, Nick kept up his energy level and attention to detail. Mr LoVerde is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful...all qualities that made him an excellent addition to our staff and to our guests. Nick has my highest recommendation for any job he may be seeking. He will be an asset to any company who is lucky enough to work with him." Lynne Nacci, General Manager Fishbar