Nicholas LoVerde

Solar Energy Consultant – Forecast Solar

Designer, salesman, video editor, and website creator, I did it all for Forecast Solar.  This multi-role position really gave me a greater insight into how a solar company operates as a whole. I was able to tailor my design work to provide the best price and aesthetic for selling to clients. Working and selling to clients helped me understand their needs, concerns, and desires, which helped me create appealing and effective videos and website media. From homeshows to drone footage to roof take-offs to remote bids to coordinating with other architects and construction projects to following up with clients, I did it all.

Web Designer

Solar is new and advanced technology so our company needed a website to reflect that cutting edge sentiment. Because of this, I completely redesigned the website adding a more professional and polished look, new media, a solar quiz, and more.

Design Work

I designed over 200 remote solar energy systems in 2018. Our company is different from many other solar companies in that we do not have a price per kilowatt. Each job is based on all the factors including roof pitch, labor costs, access, electrical costs, travel costs, roofing type, modules, racking, and more.

I have hundreds of hours of time measuring roofs from satellite images and producing accurate roof layouts accounting for pitch factors and required setbacks with Sketchup Pro.

Besides that I was a wizard with estimating Suneye shade durations and was often asked by other salesman to confirm their remote estimates.

I also possess an intricate knowledge of PV watts and how azimuth, pitch, system losses and other factors affect it.

Sales Experience

If you can sell solar energy in Washington you can sell solar energy anywhere. Washington has one of the worst solar resources of any state, and it also has the lowest cost of electricity in the U.S. Still, I excelled in selling. I averaged about a 20% sales rate of customers visited and obtained my NABCEP certification in PV technical sales.

Video Editor

Although our company was the second largest residential solar installer in the state, we had very little media, testimonials, and examples of our work.

For testimonials, I brought my journalism and video editing skills. I interviewed several clients and then cut videos of their experiences to make compelling testimonials.

I took drone footage of many of systems and cut and edited them for homeshows and other advertisements.

Skills Developed

Web Design

Project Management

Sales Experience


Immediately noticed was his willingness and ability to learn and adapt in our small company operating in an ever-changing industry which is rare and imperative to the functioning of our company. He has taken on many tasks from consulting prospective clients, operating a sales team and technical design of solar systems. His most noticeable accomplishment was his work in our sales team. His presence boosted the team’s output considerably through his personal, organizational and technical skills. His role on the sales team was something our owners would do and oversee but Nick proved to us to be capable and trustworthy enough to take on that role. I could count one him to do things correctly and to ask questions when needed. We would gladly hire Nick back for any number of positions. Morgan Zehrung, CEO Forecast Solar