Nicholas LoVerde

Web Designer – Washington Roofing Services

Sometimes clients know exactly what they want and sometimes they need help to create a vision. This project was a combination of the two. The client had a very specific idea about what he wanted the website to look like, but he also needed help to flesh out his vision with the media and services his company offered.

To truly get a sense of what to make the website, I did my initial interview. I wanted to know the goal of the website, how he defined his brand, who would be visiting the website, and more. He then sent me an outline of what he wanted the aesthetic to be and I used his ideas to fill out the content.

Once we finalized the outline, I got to work collecting his company photos, stock images, and logos. I created the actual website in about two days. I then got his corrections and immediately updated everything.

From the initial interview until completion it was only one week. When he earned his first roofing contract from solely the website, he told me his referral fee was the same as the cost of the website. He essentially had his website paid for after just one sale.

Skills Developed



Creative Vision